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Article 1: Order


The pre-order is made via an email with the name of the painting and its displayed price.


The table is then reserved.


Depending on the state of the painting :


- ready for sale


- Varnishing to be done


The seller defines with the buyer a fixed order date. On this date, the buyer settle the amount of his order.


The order becomes effective only after receipt of the payment for the item and the shipping costs, borne by the buyer and to be defined with the seller.


The order will be confirmed by Email with a unique reference number that should be mentioned in all further exchanges with the seller.




Article 2: Distribtion


The purchase of a KYRIEL ART artwork does not grant any right of representation, dissemination or reproduction to the buyer. Only Kyriel Art has the right to authorize or refuse such uses for each of its artworks.




Article 3: prices


The prices indicated on the website are inclusive of taxes.




Article 4: Shipping costs


Shipping costs are borne by the buyer.




Article 5: Delivery date


The seller will deliver, postmarked, the article within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of payment from the buyer validated by an email accompanied by the order number. If it is a cheque, the period will begin on the date it is cashed.




Article 6: Right of withdrawal


In accordance with Article L121-20 of the Consumer Code, the buyer has a withdrawal period of 14 calendar days from the date of delivery. The item will then be returned, with shipping costs remaining the responsibility of the buyer. The seller will refund the buyer within 14 calendar days. After thi period, the item cannot be returned or refunded.


No exchanges will be possible, as these artworks are unique.




Article 7: Payment


The Buyer can pay in cash, otherwise via Paypal or by bank transfer. Checks are not accepted.



Article 8: Liability and Warranty


Any dispute that cannot be resolved amicably will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Chambéry.








In order to keep the paintings in optimal condition, the following points should be observed :



- Do not expose them in wet rooms ;


- Keep them away from a heat source ;


- Store them in a temperate room ;


- Do not store them without proper protection ;


- Do not stack them on top of each other ;


- Do not intentionally or unintentionally damage them ;


- Handle them with care.




If these conditions are not strictly respected, the buyer will be solely responsible.




These artworks are unique originals and cannot be reproduced without the written consent of the Author.