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Savoie 73 - France

Pouring Painting


Art Dutch Savoie 73 Pouring Painting Pouring Paintings

An Artist

For me, an artist is a person in search of perfection. An eternal student, who learns with each work, whose objective is to create Beauty, and to bring it into our world in order to transmit through it, a little joy and happiness.




A Painter could certainly have as an saying :




"Illuminate the world with colors..."

A Work of Art


The Abstract Art of Pouring Painting, the Fluid Art, associated with the Dutch Pour technique, are at the origin of most of the paintings highlighted on this site.



But how does the creation of these paintings take place? What are the processes used ?




First of all, the frenzy, the burning desire to create, to paint.




Then comes the doubt : What will I create ? Am I gonna appreciate what will comme out ? What if I miss?




Then, the preparation of the work space, the canvas, the chosen paints... A long, meticulous and focused moment.




Then comes the moment of creation, with the hands naturally following the movement, as if they were inhabited. Intuition ? Inspiration ? Projection of my
soul ?






Finally here. We take a step back to contemplate the work... The arrangement, the colors, everything is arranged and the work reveals itself, in a way that we could not have imagined.


Some modifications, here and there to improve some details...






And this moment of pure happiness, joy and admiration which seizes you and transports you to contemplate the result... until the next work.



It also happens sometimes to be disappointed, we feel a certain disillusionnement  and disappointment... but it's only part of it... until the next work.



Tableau PISTIL Kyriel Art -  Artiste Peintre  - Peinture Acrylique Fluide - Technique du Dutch Pour - Pouring Painting